Welcome to Reveries, Ruckuses and Ruminations. My name is Cherí and this is my musical blog.

I am an ardent lover of music in pretty much all of its forms.  I am fond of pretty much every musical style I have heard (some more than others, of course) because I absolutely love the elements that connect them all.  When stripped of their distortions, amplifications and anything else, music remains a series of tones combined in beautiful ways to create magic.  Beyond creation, music (born of the Greek word for “transport”) has the astounding ability to take us on a journey.  The particular journey we take depends on a combination of us, the composer and the interpreter but, one way or another, music is far more a moving experience than a stationary concept.

Well, it’s all of that and more to me, anyway.  I have been playing piano for most of my life, although it’s been more of a hobby than an obsession the majority of the time.  It has been within the past few years that I have made the attempt to take my skills to the next level. I began playing classical and have recently branched out into other styles.  While I love playing pretty much anything, I tend to hear everything in blue notes, so blues (at a basic level) has become something of a signature.

This blog is dedicated to music and music-“ish” things. There will be moments of tranquil reverie (musical and otherwise), ruckuses when I feel I must create them, and general ruminations and ponderings on various aspects of music.  While I enjoy playing saxophone, drums and bass (and singing) in addition to my piano passion, I am most comfortable on the keys, so my insights, thoughts and rambling will pretty much be focused on the ebony and the ivory elements of music.

Because it pretty much revolves around my own interests, you will find information on tips and tricks, general theory, musicians, songs, songwriting, worship and pretty much anything else that occurs to me later on. I will also be doing some reviews of products, websites and apps that I have found helpful for musicians.

If you have a topic you would like to suggest, a question to ask or a comment to make, please let me know!